Improv for Youth

Improv for Youth

  • Level: No experience required; Beginners welcome. All levels
    • Age: 10 - 14
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Length: 8 weeks
    • Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm
    • Price: $250

Upcoming Sessions:

  • SPRING: Begins Wednesday April 3, 2024

Who it’s for:

Improv For Youth is designed for children aged 10 to 14 who are interested in improv, seeking to have fun, make friends, or build confidence. This class provides a warm and supportive environment for beginners and shy children to learn and thrive.

What it’s about:

This fun after-school class focuses on helping children learn to perform with confidence while honing their skills, making friends, and enjoying themselves. Students will engage in a variety of improv games aimed at fostering quick thinking and teamwork. The atmosphere is easy-going, with a focus on having a good time while building confidence and creativity over the 8-week duration.

Topics Include:

  • Improv Games
  • Teamwork
  • Listening skills
  • And more!

What you’ll walk away with:

Participants in Improv For Youth will enjoy laughter-filled sessions and the opportunity to connect with other kids in a nonjudgmental and friendly environment. They'll develop improv skills that enhance listening and communication abilities, providing a break from the rigors of school with fun and pressure-free activities. This weekly 1-hour class focuses on enjoyment rather than performance, ensuring a stress-free and enriching experience for all.

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